It's not the food...


If you think it’s your diet that’s keeping you overweight, today’s blog is for you!

In all the years I’ve been coaching women on weight loss, I think I’ve only had 2 people tell me they needed to eat better.  EVERYBODY says that they eat healthy. YET, they are sitting in front of me telling me they need to lose weight!

So where’s the disconnect?

You probably are eating healthy...when you are tuned in.  When you are actually paying attention to your hunger and fullness cues.

The problem is not the WHAT, it’s the WHY.  Meaning it’s not what food you are eating, it’s why you are eating food when you’re not hungry or why you are continuing to eat when you’re full.

How many times have you stopped judging your actions for long enough to investigate the real reason you were actually eating?!  Trust me, the answer isn’t “because I suck and don’t have willpower!”

Food IS working for you.  It is providing some benefit or you wouldn’t be eating it.  It might be to distract you from work, it might be to help you unwind when you’re stressed, it might be to provide you pleasure when you’re not feeling any.

When you figure out why you are actually eating, you will then have the power to change it!

Stop trying to figure out the perfect diet and start investigating your thoughts, surroundings, emotions, and habits.  The answer lies there!

And if you think you know why, but you don’t know what do about it, schedule a consult! I can help.