4 Reasons why Water will Help you Lose Weight


The easiest way to help you both physically and mentally lose weight?  Drink water.

Intentional, large amounts of water.  Until your urine is the palest of yellow.

Yes, we all know we should drink water, yet we don’t.  So let me give you the reasons you should...and the last one might surprise you!

  • There is a statistical increase in weight loss at 48oz of water. (If you weigh over 180lbs, you need to drink 90oz)

  • Water is necessary to burn fat.  When you have enough water it makes it easier for the body to process fat and burn stored fat and carbohydrates.

  • It helps with cravings

And my favorite reason to drink water: it teaches you to show up for yourself and honor your commitments!

It is just as easy to drink water than not drink water….it’s free and it’s a matter of just doing it.  Showing up for yourself and honoring your commitments doesn’t just happen. They take intentional work….they take practice.

And if you want to change your body - or ANYTHING for that matter - you have to learn the habit of honoring your commitments.  Even when they suck. Even when you have to do something you don’t want to do in the short-term to reach the long-term happiness you deserve.

So ladies, drink your water!  And if you want a handy-dandy water tracking sheet, click the button!