Why I needed a coach


I didn’t always know that I wanted to coach.  It wasn’t until my life dramatically changed in my mid-thirties and I had to deal with my own emotional baggage, that I realized I could help other women do the same by dealing with their emotional eating.  

Prior to getting in the coaching business, I worked in corporate America, married to a man who was an excellent provider, living in a beautiful home we owned in San Francisco.  Life was pretty cushy. I knew I should be happy, I just wasn’t.  I felt complacent with my life’s choices...not excited by them.

Ultimately, I ended up getting a divorce and overhauling my entire life!   I traded in my business suits for workout gear and became a personal trainer.  The plan was 2 years at a gym, then 2-3 years working independently, then ultimately the owner of my own business.

Yet at over 3 years, I was still at the gym with no exit strategy.  I was once again complacent in my life….stuck in the comfort zone.  This coach realized she needed a coach and that’s when I found Accountability Works.  

The one commodity we can’t get back is time.  I knew from being a coach that getting coaching buys back your time.  Sure, you can figure things out yourself...but there is so much energy and time wasted.

By doing weekly accountability calls, I was able to get out of the gym, become an independent trainer and nutrition coach, and now own my own business: Amanda Hogberg Fitness. My energy is focused on helping women lose weight by giving them the skills to overcome emotional eating.  

Weekly accountability sessions work; this is exactly why I set up my own nutrition coaching the same way.  I get on a video call every week with my clients to guide, support, and coach them through dealing with their emotions without using food.  It’s amazing how much more “mental space” you have once you free yourself up from thinking about food, judging yourself for your food choices, and continually beating yourself up over your eating behavior!  

If you were like I was, you know you should make changes, but maybe you feel stuck??  Know that this is normal until you dig a little deeper.

Should’s don’t galvanize us to action….finding your true motivation does.  Here’s a worksheet that I give all my clients when we first start working together.  By knowing exactly what you are truly working for (and it’s almost never just for smaller jeans) we are able to get you started and to keep you focused during your weight loss journey.

Below are examples of true motivation.  Yes, these clients came to me because of weight loss, but this is what they really wanted:

  • “I want to reclaim the intimacy in my marriage.”

  • “I want to stop being a doormat.”

  • “I want to feel like myself.  The person I am on the inside doesn’t look like the person I am on the outside.”

  • “I want to show up for my family.  Right now, I can’t keep up with my kids.”

If you need help getting unstuck, schedule a complimentary call with me!   Or email me directly at amanda@amandahogbergfitness.com. Stop wasting time trying to figure this out all on your own, let me be your guide!