How to set goals so you succeed in fitness


Are your goals getting in the way of your weight loss dreams?  If you prefer, you can watch the video here.

Ever heard of a SMART goal?  They were a big thing back in the 90’s (if I remember correctly)….and I’m sure most of you have had to learn about them from work if you’re over the age of 30. Just in case, it’s an acronym for:

  • smart

  • measurable

  • actionable

  • relevant

  • timely

Basically, it takes a vague goal like “I want to lose weight” and transforms it into “I want to lose 20lbs by November 15th.”  Make sense?

 That is the GREAT part about SMART goals: they plainly lay out what you are trying to achieve.  Because without specificity you aren’t getting anywhere! But what most people miss is that you need to break down that end goal into actionable steps so that you can achieve it.

 And that’s where it goes all wrong.

 When using a SMART goal for weight loss, you are using an outcome as a measure of success.  Read: your only measure of success is if you are dropping weight.  Buuuutttt, how many of us have been on a diet and done Every. Thing. Right. and still had weeks when there was no weight to be dropped?!  Super frustrating, right?! And when we get super frustrated (and perhaps our initial motivation is waning), what do we do? We self-sabotage or we quit.

 What if instead, we focused on the process?  Remember those actionable steps I mentioned earlier?  Those are the process. So in our weight loss scenario, let’s say you decide that the way you are going to lose weight is by eating veggies at every meal and increasing your protein intake at lunch.  When the scale stops moving - and inevitably it will at some point - you focus on the process. Meaning, you stop feeling frustrated because your only job is to work the the veggies and eat the protein. Ignore the scale. If after 2-4 weeks there is no change, adjust the process.

And that, my friend, gives you power and control.  No one likes feeling out of control - and having excess weight already predisposes us to those feelings.  Focusing on things that are in our ability to control puts us back in the driver’s seat, creates more confidence, and ultimately takes you where you need to go: to the body you want and deserve!

 So remember, work the process, not the outcome!  

And if you need help, grab my Goal Crusher Guide....a simple, free guide that walks you through writing a crushable goal!