My road to a healthy body


I remember the first time I was told that I needed to lose weight.  I was 17 and it was by my first idol - my high school volleyball coach.  I will never forget the absolute shame and humiliation I felt having to weigh in every week before practice.  And to make matters worse, I had to take a witness - another girl on the team who was not told she needed to lose weight - to verify my weight! still makes me cringe just thinking about those times!  Despite the weekly dose of total embarrassment, I managed to leave high school without losing a single pound.   I did, however, manage to gain a healthy dose of hatred and embarrassment about my body. Because while my coach was great in doling out judgment, she didn’t have much to offer in solutions. Saddled with my new packages of shame and insecurity, I did what most people do in that situation: I threw in the towel and said screw it until I got the point where I was objectively fat.

No matter how much weight you’ve lost in the past with it, a diet doesn’t work if you’re not able to sustain it

I remember calling my mom (who had done her share of diets) and asked her what to do.  She told me to do Weight Watchers - so I did. And I lost a ton of weight in short-order by pretty much starving myself.  But it didn’t last. My weight fluctuated for years! Because when you deprive yourself for long enough, you eventually binge.  And I was on a vicious cycle of virtuous eating Monday thru Friday, but come the weekend baby, it was ON! After years and years of struggling with not being able to maintain a low-calorie diet - and all the psychological effects that come along with either being "on or off, “ “not having enough willpower” and “restarting on Monday”, I decided to ditch all that and do the next set of solutions for fat-loss: low-carb, macros, and the Whole30.  And you know what? It was the SAME. DAMN. THING. There were too many food rules and too much counting....ultimately, it was unsustainable. Because in the end, I WANT to eat cake and drink wine! I wanted a plan that met MY lifestyle, not one that made me conform to someone else’s.


When I'm not having fun with my peeps or baking chocolate cake, you'll find me playing with my pup, Sal.

That is what I do for the women I coach: We build out a customized plan with small, implementable habits that factor in the specific challenges of your life.  Within that, we decide which steps are the most achievable and will give you the best results.

If you are ready to have a nutrition plan that eliminates obsessive calorie counting, food logging, and restrictive eating guidelines schedule a complimentary assessment call with me today.  Let’s figure out if I am a good fit for you!